IMGA news and events

John Concannon, Publicity

I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

As we enter 2017, the IMGA scheduled special events are rushing toward us starting with the 2016 Awards luncheon on January 11. It will start at 11:30 a.m. in the Ironwood Clubhouse. The cost for the luncheon is $10 and covers assorted Subway sandwiches, chips, beer, wine or soda. We look forward to seeing you there. Please get your check, payable to IMGA and noted for the Ironwood Cup luncheon into the box in the scorer’s room as soon as possible

On January 17 the Ironwood Cup starts and continues for three weeks. This event is followed by the 2017 Member/Guest Tournament on February 7. The club championship will be played in March and Dan Smith is looking for volunteers to support registration, collection of fees, sale of mulligans, etc. Please consider supporting this event to help make this popular event successful. It will take only a few extra minutes of your time prior to the start of the event.

Looking back on 2016, the Ryder Cup was once again a big success and enjoyed by all participants. Hopefully, IMGA will prevail next year.

For those who are so inclined, please keep Ray Knott in your prayers as he continues to struggle with serious, multiple health issues.

The 2017 Board of Directors was voted in on December 13. The vote was unusual in that the 2016 Board was extended into 2017 because not a single man, out of the membership of 260 plus, volunteered to serve. Next year will be different as it is most unlikely to have the BOD extend their time in office again. I wonder what would happen if there was no one to maintain handicaps, set up the games for tournament play, do scoring, dispense chits, etc.? Wow, a Tuesday without any league play. What a sad situation. Hopefully, next year when the call goes out for members to run for the BOD there will be a positive response.

Until next month, keep your head down and hit them straight.