Cottonwood Pickleball winners corner

Each month, Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood will publish the winners of local tournaments in the Splash and non-local tournaments, too! It’s an honor to have these great players in our midst and they should be recognized. We need to know about them though, so if you know of any, please let us know, too! Pictures are great too, but they must be at least two megapixels and larger is much better. Please send them to [email protected] and we’ll try to get them all in. Here’s a list of winners from October and November. Congrats to each of you!

Winner Place Level Where When

Sheila Parkinson Gold 4.5 Mesa Regal November

Todd Williams

JoAnn Zapatka Silver 3.5 Mesa Regal November

Spencer Roberts

JoAnn Zapatka Bronze 3.5 Battle of the Paddle November

Spencer Roberts Ahwatukee

Sheila Parkinson Silver 4.5 Venture Out November

Dianne Zimmerman

David Zapatka Silver 5.0 Venture Out November

Don Simmons

Bev Schalin Gold 75-84 Pueblo El Mirage October

Bev Krueger

Bev Schalin Gold 75-84 Pueblo El Mirage October

Earl Schalin

Bev Krueger Bronze 75-84 Pueblo El Mirage October

Paul Hoggatt

Sheila Parkinson Bronze 50-54 Pueblo El Mirage October

Dianne Zimmerman