PVLGA news and views

Janet Baron Publicity Chairman

12/01. The participants in the Low Gross play enjoyed another beautiful day in Arizona. The results are as follows – Flight 1: Tracy Rice, Mary Nelson and Kathryn Campbell; Flight 2: Joan Seckles, Jo Crook and Pat Mcroberts; Flight 3: Nancy Gelbach, Sandy Chavez and Noella Bannister

It’s over at last! We have a new President elect and a new beginning! What a trauma this past year has been. Time for all to come together and “Make America Great Again.”

12/8. The men’s challenge took place on Election Day. The 80 degree temperature was a delight. The ladies lost one down. We challenged the men right up to the wire! The morning began with coffee and buns, a shotgun at 8:30 a.m. The luncheon held in the Palo Verde dining room was more than substantial. Thank you Greg, Joey and Jon for your usual help; you made our day a complete success. Next year the ladies will challenge the men, watch out, boys!

12/15. Because of you our Golf for Life Cancer fundraiser netted approximately $21,000, a huge success. We are one of the largest contributors to the UofA Cancer fund. Our Chairpersons Carol Ruff and Sandy Eeds encouraged the various committees to their ultimate fundraising capacity. Our men and ladies were eager and willing to reach deep into their pockets and give, and give and give! Our donors and contributors were numerous. The raffle gifts and merchandise contributed also exceeded our expectations. Many thanks to Greg, Joey and Jon for all you did for us on this day of importance to us all.

11/22. Morning/Afternoon results: Low Net – Flight 1: Barb Almond and Rachel Rainville, 3rd Cindy Bosch; Flight 2: Lee Sonderman, Lavonne Holmes and Jan Nelson; Flight 3: Anita Hoppking, Mary Martz and Kathy Bushbaum

11/29. Morning/Afternoon Combo results – Flight 1: Carol Guild, Kathryn Campbell and Dolores Allard; Flight 2: Lee Sonderman, Jo Crook and Joan Seckels; Flight 3: Nelda Machutas and Anita Hopkins Anita Barber; Florence Wright and Jerry Jordan tied for 3rd.

Jack Frost is waiting for us just around the corner and “Arthur-itis” there to remind us of the effects of his cold temperatures. Talk to you next month – enjoy the Christmas and holiday season.