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Jack Lehmkuhl proudly displays his trophy after winning the 2014 IMGA club championship.

Jack Lehmkuhl proudly displays his trophy after winning the 2014 IMGA club championship.

John Concannon, Publicity

Although it is old news, I wanted to acknowledge the fact the Jack Lehmkuhl won the 2014 club championship. What is of special note is the fact that Jack has now won the club championship six times. Special congratulations to you, Jack.

We recently lost a long time member of our organization, Hans Richter. Hans died after a brief illness. He was a fixture at the Ironwood clubhouse and will be missed by his many friends.

On a happier note, it is good to see Tommy Drynan back playing golf, looking his old self.

The Home and Home Tournament with Sun Lakes Country Club was played under much better conditions than it was played last year – no rain, no dust storm. The winners included: 1st Bud Hewett and Dan Jonker; 2nd Jim Poole and Mike Ludwig; 3rd Gayle King and Mitch Cyopert; Closest-to-the-Pin winners were Jim Hutchins –No. 6 and Roger Jones No.15.

To those members who have expressed displeasure with the 10 post able rounds as a requirement to play in the Ironwood Cup and Club Championship, your concerns have not been ignored. After a lot of discussion the board has voted to change that rule for future tournaments. The 10 post able rounds will apply to new members. Current, active members in good standing need 10 rounds of post able and/or non-post able (as in open golf) rounds on the Ironwood course to qualify for participation. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis by the executive board. It is, and always has been, the goal of the board to encourage the broadest membership participation.

I want to congratulate the Ironwood Lady Niners on their very successful annual Charity Golf Tournament. For the past five or six years the tournament has raised thousands of dollars for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This year the tournament donated over $4,000 each to Neighbors Who Care and The Perfect Place, local organizations serving Sun Lakes and the immediate area. It involved a tremendous amount of work by members of the league, but, the results were well worth it. There is a photo display covering the tournament on the bulletin board at the clubhouse. Take a look at the display. You will get a good idea of the work involved. I would hope that IMGA can provide added support to this very worthy event.

Until next time, stay well.