2013-2014 Softball award winners

Larry Wolfe

The 2013-2014 Senior Softball award winners were announced at the April season-ending tournament. The Sportsmanship award went to Kenny Brenden while TJ Tjerlund was named Rookie of the Year as the top first year player. Steve Schaider won the Most Improved Player award.

The Board of Directors also recognized Dennis LePore with a special certificate of appreciation citing all of the volunteer work he does including recruiting and scheduling umpires, scorekeepers and scoreboard operators for all league and tournament games.

Association President Ed Sowney announced the members of the Lady Sluggers 600 Club. Terry Finley led the team with a .659 batting average. Other 600 hitters were Betty Whitlock (.651), Alyson Stephens (.646) and Kim Ursitti (.622).

The top ten hitters in the men’s league, based upon a minimum of 150 plate appearances, were Chuck Myrick (.791), Bill Whiteley (.782), Steve Hilby (.770), Ken Brenden (.754), Tim Loeffler (.736), TJ Tjerlund (.732), Gary Hillabolt (.729), Larry Kaufmann (.726), Dan Bradfield (.720) and Steve Schaider (.705).

All award winners were presented with special certificates that included an action photo of themselves and a description of their specific accomplishment. Thanks to our photographer, Mike Core, for designing the award certificates.