IMGA November News and Events

Bruce McCorkle


We are pleased to announce that we have a full slate of nominees for the IMGA 2021 officers. They are:

* Robert Clark, President

* Jerry Pederson, Vice President

* Dan Jonker, Treasurer

* Ross Serold, Secretary

Wear a mask, please, before teeing off. I know we are all getting really tired of this virus stuff, and we like to gather together with old friends before teeing off at our Tuesday events. But we must, nonetheless, take precautions to stop the spread of this very nasty and persistent virus (a new record of over 100,000 new cases reported yesterday). The members of your board of directors and I urge you to please wear a mask during such gatherings. Thank you. Joe D’Amore, IMGA President

Use of Carts. Our director of golf Eddy Renio sent out the following guidelines regarding the use of carts on our golf courses:

1. Ride together if they feel comfortable with each other.

2. If possible, reduce the number of carts in each group to two.

3. Anyone who is still uncomfortable riding with another person will still be permitted to take their own cart.

4. If there are multiple carts in the group, we recommend that the groups determine odd and even holes that they will access the fairways. The off-hole carts may ride in the rough.

5. Anyone with a disability flag may ride by themselves, and will have full access to the fairways at all times.

6. We are asking that everyone use their best judgement in keeping safe and also preserving the course.

Publicity Chair

We are still in need of someone to be next year’s publicity chair. I am stepping aside to help my wife with her health and wellness business, as she is well on her way to earning her third white Mercedes. Additionally, she provides me with an endless supply of ProV1 golf balls to help feed the lakes on holes 10 and 15. I’m also attempting to learn how to play the bossa nova on my new Taylor guitar … very time consuming. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected], and I’ll let you know what the job entails. Thank you to all of the golfers of the month who have shared their stories with us, and for the privilege of serving as your publicity chair!

A Gentleman’s Game

Golf is widely known as a gentleman’s game. Please treat everyone you encounter with courtesy and take the time to let staff and volunteers know that you appreciate them.

“Courtesy is as much of a mark of a gentleman as Courage” –Theodore Roosevelt

“The object of golf is not just to win. It is to play like a gentleman and win.” -Phil Mickelson