Immune System Support and Protection

Rina Cupples, Traditional Reiki Master-Teacher

Right now is a very good time to enhance your body’s natural ability to protect itself from invading disease organisms. One thing I do is give myself Reiki on a daily basis to strengthen and support my immune system. I like to add other means for healthy life support as well. I’ll tell you a few: Dr. Deepak Chopra advises that we thump our thymus gland for 30 seconds a day to keep it producing T cells, which kill those organisms. Your thymus is located under your sternum in the upper center of your chest. I use On Guard, frankincense, and lemon essential oils from doTERRA for maintaining good health and grapefruit seed extract as a detoxifier. There are many natural products you can find to strengthen your immunity. Remember to exercise to keep strong.

I don’t know about you, but I can get a little confused about what I hear on the news regarding protection from coronavirus. The best thing to do to help my brain—dear, sweet thing—is to give myself Reiki every day. Reiki is a gentle yet potent, universal energy that supports my brain in processing what’s happening in the world around me, as well as in my own personal life.

My daily Reiki sessions are giving me the focus I need. That focus moves me into my heart, practicing trusting God and asking for guidance, no matter what I hear or see. I used to give in to emotional outbursts of annoyance. That seems to have shifted. My feeling world has moved more and more into allowing God to be in charge of my circumstances. I’m not perfect at it yet, but getting better! And that’s a nice feeling.

I think there are myriads of ways that Reiki can be helpful to you, too, like improved health, including that immune support I spoke of, and a more hopeful, trusting, and happy focus on life. All in all, for over 30 years, I’ve enjoyed all the benefits I’ve received because of Reiki.

Lois Valleau and I are trained Reiki practitioners and teachers. We live here in Sun Lakes. You can contact us with questions. Lois can be reached at 480-883-6699. You can call Rina Cupples (that’s me) at 480-883-7747. Please leave a message with your name and phone number. We’d enjoy sharing with you. Have a pleasant rest of your summer.