IOTC hosts Clay Court Gender Doubles

The IOTC held their annual Spring Clay Court Gender Doubles Tournament at the end of March. Don Neu, Bill Eastman and Jack Sanders served as Tournament Directors and held a terrific event. There were great match-ups, lots of tie-breakers and fun had by all! Michelle Mather and her volunteers put out great food throughout the week too. Winners are as follows:

Division 1 Women: 1st Spalding/Mather, 2nd Brasch/Jorgensen, 3rd Rex/McManus

Division 2 Women: 1st Wengert/Robinson, 2nd Radcliffe/Shanahan, 3rd Dunn/Rus

Division 3 Women: 1st Moliter/Lane, 2nd Guimond/Bowers, 3rd Bergesen/Tanniru

Division 1 Men: 1st Lapane/Mason, 2nd Burke/Sanders, 3rd Corey/Christoph

Division 2 Men: 1st Stead/Geiszler, 2nd Taylor/Greer, 3rd McManus/Nulty

Division 3 Men: 1st Soczka/Thorsen, 2nd Allen/Dunn, 3rd Tschetter/Heth