IronOaks 18 Hole Couples Golf League celebration

Standing in the back row (left to right) are Past Presidents Dick Schmidt, David Higgins, Harry Pritchard, John Kolb, Jack Lehmkuhl, Dale Willey and Fred Smith who is the current president. All others in the photo are just pretty faces to fill in the space.


Our event this past Friday, 8 March, was something new. For the first time, we had a celebration, celebrating the past presidents of our club. Not all of the past presidents were able to come, but many did. There was singing and dancing and some drinking.

These articles in the Splash are not just to recruit new members. They are also to remind all of us that we are a unified group of people coming together to enjoy a game that we all love. We all try to win, but our lives won’t change much either way. Our lives will change if we meet someone we did not know and become friends. It would be great if every time we played we made it a point to meet someone we do not know or just barely know their name. If we are sitting at a table together, there is no excuse for not talking to each other and sharing information. You never know where that might lead. Most times, when I ask why someone joined the couples, they almost always say, “to meet new people.”

We have a great group. As always, for those of you who are not currently members, please go to for more information.