IronOaks Breakers Pool League

Larry Stadler

Well, the 2019 Welcome Back 8-Ball Tournament is in the IronOaks Breakers history book. (The finals were too late to publish in the January Splash.) The pool sticks are in their cases, the pool tables cleaned and covered, and the players have left the building.

For those of you who were unable to attend the matches, Bill O’Donnell and Bob Maloney squared off in the first final match. It was nip and tuck for the first four games, and then Bob charged forward to win the match. O’Donnell ended up in third place.

Bob Maloney then played Jim Boyes in the final—an “International” match (Canada vs. the USA)! Applying our handicap system, Jim had to “spot” Bob two games in a race to five games. Bob won the first game, so the score was 3 to 0. Thereafter, Jim kicked in his “after burners,” winning five games in a row. Very impressive! Boyes won first place and Maloney second. Cash prizes were awarded to Jim, Bob, and Bill.

Twenty-four players signed up for the tournament which produced three Pockets of eight players in each. For those not lucky enough to reach the finals, random names were drawn from each of the three tournament “Pockets” for gift cards. The lucky winners were Bill Aune, Tom Peck, and Sonny Williams. Thanks to all members who played in the tournament.

Our next tournament will be in February.