OLGA News and Scores

Carol Smith

Can’t believe that it is 2020. Boy, time flies. We ended the last year with a fun game of If Only. Winners of Flight 1 were E.J. Yoon and Shirley Weaver in a tie.

Flight 2: 1st Kathy Schnell, 2nd Nancy Cohn; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Sharon Skoworn, Doris Swanson, and Beth Ebmeir; and Silver Flight: 1st Leslie Pettis and tie for 2nd Carol Smith and Joann Reillard.

We started out the year with another fun game of O.N.E.S. Flight 1 winners: 1st Mary Dyrseth, 2nd Dari Akin; Flight 2: 1st Dang Teater, 2nd Debbie Horner; Flight 3: 1st Doris Swanson, 2nd Maryann Woodward; Silver Flight 1: 1st Pat Schepp, 2nd Robin Thomas; Flight 2: 1st Linda Thrash and 2nd Suzy Willey

Coming up this month we are having the Club Championship. It is Feb. 11, 17, and 18. If you want to be included in the championship, you need to play from the orange tees. Sign up at the clubhouse, and they will pair you. If you do not wish to be part of the championship but would like to play on those dates, sign up on Chelsie as usual. They will have a game of the day for everyone to enjoy and win.

Hopefully, our weather will warm up so we can enjoy nice golfing weather. See you on the links.