IronOaks Ladies Pool Club Meets Weekly and Welcomes You to Join Us

Everyone dusted off their Christmas attire for our Christmas celebration, and fun was had competing against each other, with the winner walking away with a nice prize and bragging rights. After play, we gathered for a Christmas lunch together, as is our yearly ritual. Fun was had by all.

Judy Wolthausen, Club President

Unfortunately, COVID-19 and age-related illnesses did reduce our group size, and we’ve been doing a great job finding women who have played before and are interested in adding another activity to their calendars. Ladies who live in Cottonwood, Ironwood, Sun Lakes Country Club, Palo Verde, and Oakwood are all eligible to join us. We’ve thrown out our old list of requirements and simply ask that all members regularly continue to play through 11 a.m. Unfortunately, this requirement currently eliminates those who are playing pickleball, golf, or other activities before 11 a.m. on Tuesday, from joining us and leaving early. Otherwise, we play from 9:15 to 11 a.m. every week. Those who don’t leave during the summer continue to play, and each new season restarts in October when most are back from their travels. Monthly, on the first Tuesday, we ask the group for restaurant suggestions, and we go eat together at the restaurant with the most interest. This is a good way to try new restaurants and to get to know each other better.

Many who have just moved into the community are still probably deciding what activities they want to spend their free time on. I assure you that this group of wonderful ladies will quickly become fast friends and providers of recommended doctors, landscapers, window washers, pool guys, handymen, etc.

Many of us get together outside of the pool room to attend concerts, go out to eat, to a show, etc. In addition, we become a support group as we deal with life’s hard blows and extended illnesses. Some of you may not have played in quite a while and may be worried about not being good enough. Well, forget that. We have ladies with all levels of expertise, and find that most will feel comfortable after a practice session or just biting the bullet and joining in on a Tuesday morning. It’s just like riding a bike after a long absence. Your body and mind remember, and it comes back quickly. If you’d like to arrange a one-hour practice session, just give me a call and we’ll find a time that works. If you’d just like to show up, please give me a call to expect you, and you can check us out and decide if you’d like to continue. We have a lot of fun, and each of us gets a bit better every year. The Billiards Room is the last room on the left side of the Oakwood Country Club building.

What do you have to lose? Give me a call at 630-728-5937.