IronOaks Tennis Tip from Coach Kwong

At some point in time, you will be taking a trip somewhere (?), and that’s what you want to do is to take a trip (transition) on the tennis court. Starting from the backcourt as a server/receiver does not mean to place yourself there only. If one wants to be more successful in doubles play, then you need to work on your transitions—traveling, going from one area of the court to another, by moving up toward the volley/attacking zone (net). Here are a list of reasons to want to take this trip to the net area (offense).

* Weak forehand/backhand

* High, deep lob

* Opponent is stretching and off balance

* Deep groundstrokes

* Ball lands close to their feet/body

* Serves that jam or pulls them wide

You and your partner want to control and dominate the net area for the following reasons:

* Gives opponents less time to react

* Puts them on the defense

* Creates better angles

* Makes you a more intimidating player