IronOaks Veterans Celebration Breakfast Highlights

Left to right: Gerry Reagan, U.S. Navy; Jim Wegman, U.S. Army; Mike Stewart, U.S. Army; David Mork, U.S. Army; William Bartels, U.S. Marine Corps; Doug Bishop, U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps

Reggie Wegman

A wonderful tribute to our men and women in the military was held in the Oakwood clubhouse. The event was sponsored by various groups. John Reyhons introduced the event with a moving tribute to all the veterans in the audience. The Chordaires entertained the more than 180 attendees with a round of patriotic songs. A wonderful breakfast was served and enjoyed by all. U.S. Calvary, retired, George Abernathy spoke about the sacrifices all our veterans have made over the years. George introduced the Sky Soldiers who were attending and asked the audience to visit with them after the program to view the two helicopters in the parking lot. The Army Aviation Foundation raises funds for this worthwhile organization.

The keynote speaker was U.S. Navy pilot Gary Shoman. Gary gave a talk about his job in the Navy flying jets off the deck of aircraft carriers. It was fascinating to view the flight deck as the jet was made ready to get catapulted off the deck. No room for error taking off or landing jet planes off a small runway that was moving with the ocean. And running missions at night was another story. This guy must have had nerves of steel, and probably still does.

A special thanks to the staff: John Reyhons, general manager; Michele Renahan, communications director; Abigail Faires, lifestyle manager; Katie Dankof; Maxine Orduno; Carolyn Roberston and her banquet staff; and all the volunteers for their expertise in organizing this event.