Ironwood Lady Niners

Congratulations to our Most Improved Player of the Year at Ironwood Lady Niners League, Nancy Hooke. Nancy was presented an award for all her hard work and determination practicing on the driving range and putting/chipping greens to be able to increase her handicap by an incredible 14 points within the last year. Great job, Nancy! (Photo by Rachel Enloe)

Maggie McLeod

As the temperatures increase into the month of June, we find that many of our friends and neighbors have gone back home to regions north. But golf continues, however, earlier so as to beat the heat, and after May 15, we began our summer play. We have to give some of our ladies a big shout-out for their perseverance in playing through some of the hottest temperatures on a golf course during our summer golf season. Enjoy and keep swinging!

Law of Golf: The last three holes of a round will automatically adjust your score to what it really should be.