Ironwood Lady Niners Stay Active

Who would believe that the official 2021-2022 golf season is about to come to a close? But that doesn’t mean the Ironwood lady golfers pack away their clubs. They simply change their schedules, hop out of bed as the sun rises, and gather at the Ironwood course for summer golf. There are no chits, no tournaments, and no official tee sheet pairings, but there is a ton of fun. Most early morning Niners play nine holes at 6 a.m., then stay around for breakfast and chatting. Soon it’s mid-morning, and they’re back home in bed. It’s been said that a hole-in-one happened early one day.

Now that you know what you can do to keep swinging in the summer, let’s review a few things that have happened this spring. In February, the social team hosted a Valentine’s event with a game of golf with our “besties,” followed by a delicious brunch in the Oakwood dining room.

On March 23, the Ironwood Lady Niners hosted an Invitational Tournament including Lady Niners from Ironwood, Oakwood, Cottonwood, and Sun Lakes. The registration filled quickly and more than 80 Valley lady golfers had a great time on the course, and spent a bit of time over lunch chatting about the likelihood of one of the other Sun Lakes groups hosting an Invitational next season.

Be safe, stay well, and enjoy summer!