Is your backyard for the birds? Desert Rivers Audubon wants you


Gwen Grace

Is your yard planted with food, shelter and water for birds? If you use native plants, flowers, shrubs and trees that attract birds, we want to hear from you! You probably already know Chuparosa brings hummingbirds, Albert’s towhees and lesser goldfinches, or that Palo Verde trees are great for nesting and for the little Verdin. Is there water available? Saguaro cacti are the hotels for woodpeckers, peach-faced lovebirds and owls.

Most HOAs have covenants and restrictions that advise not to feed the birds, as the seeds can draw unwanted guests, but natural habitation brings shade, shelter and food to the birds.

Each year, the Desert Rivers Audubon Society has an event, Tour de Bird, that provides a look into backyards planted to attract birds and opens them to the public. This is a chance to see what to plant and what bird that plant will draw. The event is held in the fall. We are looking for a few good yards! If you have one, please email [email protected] or [email protected] We want to hear from you!

For more information, go to website and under Audubon at Home click for more information.