There’s an Arizona hike for everyone!


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My friend Dave has been heard to declare, “There’s an Arizona for everyone,” in reference to the variety of housing possibilities for retirees who plan to move here seasonally or permanently. Indeed, options abound — rentals, condominium neighborhoods, RV campgrounds, mobile home parks, apartments, ranches, gated communities. I’d amend that declaration to say, “There’s an Arizona hike for everyone!” And that hike can likely be found on the Sun Lakes Hiking Club’s (SLHC) schedule.

The SLHC divides its hikes among three general categories: Motivated, Moderate and Mellow. Mellow hikes are the easiest, are leisurely paced, less than five miles in length and under 500 feet of AEG (accumulated elevation gain). After each hike, Mellow hikers frequently eat lunch together at a favorite nearby restaurant.

Moderate hikes are usually less than seven miles long and under 1000 feet of AEG. These hikes require more stamina than Mellow hikes. Moderate hikers usually pack a lunch and eat it at a stop along the trail.

Motivated hikes are moderately difficult, 7 to 10+ miles long, with an AEG of 1000-2000+ feet. Motivated hikes sometimes require honed hiking skills such as rock scrambling, as well.

Hike leaders consider any variables and may add a plus or minus to the hike’s designation to better convey its level of challenge. All hikers new to the SLHC are required to participate in two Mellow hikes before their membership is accepted. Take a look at the March schedule and join the SLHC for a springtime hike! A more complete description of the hikes and updated information can be found at the club’s website at

Monday Hikes:

March 5

Motivated: Haunted Canyon –Tony’s Ranch in the Superstition Mountains Leader Marilyn Harkins (253-389-2101)

Moderate: Idaho Pass/Blue Ridge Loop in the Goldfield Mountains. Leaders Steve and Mary Martz (317-750-0663)

Mellow: Marcus Landslide in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve South. Leaders Chris Vipond (612-998-3773) and Liz Morque (612-201-4213)

March 12

Moderate+: First Water/Boulder Canyon Crossover in the Superstition Mountains. Leaders Scott and Vivienne Torgeson (503-339-5624)

Mellow: Hieroglyphic and Lost Goldmines Trail in the Superstition Mountains. Leader Vicki Deken (480-688-1771)

March 19

Motivated: Bug Springs in the Catalina Mountains, Tucson. Leader: Marilyn Harkins (253-389-2101)

Moderate+: Bluff Springs Loop in the Superstition Mountains. Leader: Trudy Alexander (480-895-8418)

Mellow: Dynamite Trail to the San Tan Trail and back at San Tan Regional Park. Leaders Stan and Cindy Krasucki (480-207-3683)

March 26

Mellow: Trails at Lost Dutchman State Park in the Superstition Mountains. Leader: Warren Wasescha (651-343-8256)

Moderate+: White Tank Trails at White Tank Mountain Regional Park. Leader: Dena Brinkman (480-206-7427)

Wednesday Hikes

March 7

Moderate: Mormon Trail and Fat Man’s Pass at South Mountain. Leader: Warren Wasescha (651-343-8256)

March 14

Moderate+: Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle in the Superstition Mountains. Leader: Marge Mogelnicki (480-331-8456)

March 21

Moderate+: Granite Mountain/Cholla Mountain Loop at McDowell Sonoran Preserve North. Leader: Dennis Harkins (253-389-2101)

March 28

Moderate+: Turnbuckle, Granite Falls and Chuckwalla Trails Loop at Skyline Regional Park near Buckeye. Leaders: Al and Ginny Metz (480-895-1868)