It Takes a Village to Put on a Show

Left to right: Dave Patterson (sound team member), Patsy Kruger (props manager), M.J. Clements (set design team manager), Sandy Bocynesky (director) (photo by Barry Berger)

We all know what fun it is to attend our Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) productions, but weeks of preparation go into every show, with tons of behind-the-scenes work happening both before and during the production. Our fall production, Rex’s Exes, has already taken root.

Director Sandy Bocynesky has been in talks with the construction supervisor over set design, the props manager, the sound crew, and the graphic designer, as publicity goes out early to the public.

Props folks are brought in early in order to hunt for or make the props used on the stage during the production. The sound crew is met with early to ensure all the microphones, sound effects, and music needs are covered. And the assistant director will help with furniture shopping, looking for just the right pieces to be used on the sets.

There are house managers, backstage managers, prompters, costumers, lighting, painting crews, publicity teams, program designers, and make-up artists, just to name a few more. Many hands are needed to accomplish these tasks. There are cast auditions, cast selections, and rehearsals to be done. Yes, it takes a village to put on a show, and many responsible hands step in and assume their roles in making a production happen.

Although Rex’s Exes won’t be performed until Nov. 15, preparations have already begun. Folks do have fun while putting together a performance. Cast and crew alike enjoy a good laugh at the inevitable bloopers occurring during rehearsals.

And you should know that the frosting on the cake is you, the audience! After all the weeks of hard work, the cast and crew enjoy hearing the sounds of the audience’s laughter, surprise, and applause. That’s what makes it all worthwhile!

So, when ticket sales begin for Rex’s Exes this fall, get ready for another funny and well-thought-out play to entertain you, our audience, brought to you by the SLCT village of talented and dedicated folks, your friends and neighbors.

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