It’s Time to Meet Your Neighbor and Share Our Beautiful Christmas Holidays

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

It’s Christmas time and my favorite time here in our home. One day I went for a casual walk throughout our neighborhood. Something I seldom do. I can walk a short distance until my legs give out a little. Maybe because I do not take this challenge to heart. I decided to sprint, ha, what? not me, couldn’t even walk a great distance. My kind husband John will drive the golf cart while I’m walking just in case I get tired. If you do walk your neighborhood or wherever you decide, always be equipped with your phone, water, and name and address just in case you run out of speed. This is my neighborhood. You would think I knew most of the folks who live in the pretty white house, the red brick house, and the house with the beautiful Christmas decorations. One morning while walking, a woman inquired, “May I join you in your walk?” Then she asked, “Have you met our new neighbor?”

The woman continued asking me many questions until we finished our walk. The dialogue went on for a few minutes more, and then I excused myself and entered my home. Hmmm, time to bake some cookies and welcome our new neighbors to our block and a wonderful and blessed time of the year. May all our families, friends, and new neighbors have a blessed Christmas and healthy and happy new year.

I especially love Christmas. One season we traveled to Maui, Hawaii, for my birthday, and it was wonderful. For my birthday one year we traveled to Naples, Palermo, and Sicily, Italy, and many more stops along the way. In Palermo my brother renewed our marriage vows.

My brother had married John and me in Virginia. Christmas is our favorite season, with excitement, friendships, love for one another, and decorations with glowing lights and wreaths on the doors. My husband and I love to drive around our community in the evening and spot the beautiful homes with glorious decorations. As we age each and every day, regardless of the number stated on our I.D, we all find a new home, family to be close to, an environment best suited for all. When out and about, I am blessed meeting folks and say hello and feel richer in my heart. I hope with the coming season and the new year 2024 I encourage others to get to know your neighbors and the folks you meet. When you have a moment, drop by a retirement home just to say hi to anyone. They may not remember you were there, but you would remember you were. To all of my readers, have a blessed and happy holiday.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!