IWLN 2017 Valentine Event

Pictured left to right are Lorene Roberts, Don Froom and Mary Swanson.

Pictured left to right are Lorene Roberts, Don Froom and Mary Swanson.

Nancy Davis, Publicity

Valentine Partners Event: The Ironwood Lady Niners held their 2017 Valentine Partners Event on Wednesday, February 8. Members asked their spouses, a gentleman or lady friend and/or a significant other to join us in a round of golf. The following guests participated in this event: Lou Blas, Bill Brudvik, Tom Burns, Ken Collier, Charles Cook, Virginia Eagan, Jim Flanagan, Don Froom, John Gaudioso, Gil Groth, Tom Greenwood, Leon Hapka, Dave Krediet, Bill Lacey, Gaylord Lind, Bob Love, Colleen Lyyken, John Marsh, Charlie McCracken, Bob McLeod, Jerry Meer, Jim Mendenhall, Mark Moberg, Ron Nardiello, Mark O’Neill, Mike Partridge, George Poffenberger, Greg Poropat, John Potts, Bill Powell, Betty Priamore, Sam Riedl, Lloyd Schaeffer, Georgian Talerico, Fred Thompson, Steve Toms, Betty Wolfmeir and Gordon Zdeblick. Following golf, we all gathered in the Ironwood Clubhouse for pizza, snacks, refreshments, prizes and to share golf stories. Thank you all for being such good sports. We had sunsational Sun Lakes weather, and it was a great day of fun, friendship, food and, oh yes, GOLF! Special thanks to Susan Meer, Darla McCracken, Linda Liberti, Rosemary Steinfest and Barbara Johnston for coordinating this fun event.

Invitational Golf Tournament: It is not too late to get in on the action! Sign up to play, make a donation, volunteer. Our 2017 Invitational Golf Tournament, Take Me Out to the Golf Game, will be held on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at the Ironwood Golf Course. Proceeds from the event will be donated to The Perfect Place Adult Day Services in South Chandler. We are accepting monetary donations as well as donations for our raffles. Everyone giving a donation will have her name prominently displayed at the Ironwood Clubhouse and in our program the day of the event. For information regarding donations for our Invitational, please contact our Co-Chairs Judy Thompson at 602-999-5015 or Vicki Mendenhall at 206-999-3647.

Membership: We give a big welcome to new members Jane Cropley, Jean Hapka, Joyce Hindman, Jean Sandusky and Beth Zdeblick So glad you joined the Ironwood League. Please note – The Ironwood Lady Niners now have “golf buddies” where each new member is offered a seasoned IWLN member to assist her in becoming familiar with the league. If you would like information about our fabulous league, please contact Membership Chair Janis Gustafson at 701-388-5833.