IWLN medallion winner

Lana Jonker (left) and Leta Polson.

Lana Jonker (left) and Leta Polson.

Nancy Davis, Publicity

IWLN Medallion winners: Our president, Jeanine Krause, hosted an absolutely wonderful and well-attended General Meeting and Brunch Awards Ceremony on April 8. Because the IWLN has so many amazing members, we have more ladies to acknowledge and congratulate from this meeting in this month’s edition. Nancy Heberling presented Medallion Medals to our 2014 winners Lana Jonker and Leta Polson who represented our IWLN in the AWGA State Medallion Tournament held in January at the Ocotillo Golf Resort. Congratulations and job well done ladies!

Ringer Awards: Nancy Heberling also presented the January/February Ringer winners with their Stroke Improvement: Flight 1: Nancy Heberling (20), Leta Polson (12) and Darla McCracken (9); Flight 2: Susan Meer (18), Marcia Gaudioso (10) and Ann Gavin (6); Flight 3: Jeanine Krause (15), Rony Lacey (14) and Rose Hull (13); Flight 4: Judy Thompson (12), Linda Murray (11) and Mary Yasuda (9).

Birdies and Chip-ins: Denise Fleshner presented the January 1-April 1 Birdie and Chip-in winners: One Birdie: Linda Breitbach, Lynnie Cheney, Toni Flanagan, Ann Gavin, Marian Greer, Lana Jonker, Linda Liberti, Lorene Roberts and Judy Thompson; Two Birdies: MJ Coking, Rachel Enloe and Nancy Heberling.

One Chip-in; Linda Breitbach, Lynnie Cheney, MJ Coking, Julia Collier, Rachel Enloe, Denise Fleshner, Barbara Frank, Nancy Heberling, Margaret Johns, Barbara Johnston, Jeanine Krause, Linda Liberti, Susan Schaeffer, Mary Swanson and Judy Thompson; Two Chip-ins: Barbara Pezzute; Four Chip-ins: Toni Flanagan hole Nos. 2 and 4 (same day) and Nos. 12 and 17 (Wow Toni)! Looking at the Ringers, Birdies and Chip-ins, a lot of our ladies are playing very well and I’m sure they are having a great time!

Ironwood Course Closure: The Ironwood course will be closed for aerating on Monday, June 1 through Friday June 5.

If you would like information about our Ironwood Lady Niners League, please contact Rachel Enloe at 480-802-1631.