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Players enjoyed the Beat the Pro challenge on May 7.

Players enjoyed the Beat the Pro challenge on May 7.

Everyone enjoyed the Beat the Pro challenge!

Everyone enjoyed the Beat the Pro challenge!

Bob Greene, Publicity

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The summer golf maintenance schedule, May through October, is listed on the MOGA web page.

Gentlemen, please help to take cate of the course by repairing your divots.

MOGA will continue to have events every Thursday, June through December. Starting times are 7:30 a.m. and noon. Ironwood is scheduled to open on October 12 and Oakwood on October 29. The dates are subject to change based on weather. Carts will be restricted to cart path only for 21 days after opening after over seeding. Check the web page at for updates during the summer.

The Member/Member Tournament was played on April 23. There were 108 players divided into three Flights of 18 two-man teams in each flight. There was a tie for first place of Flight 1. Winners were Del Schutes/Jerry Zuehike with a gross score of 68 (Net 61) and David Sanders/Chuck Sloan with a Gross of 75 (Net 61).

Flight 2 winners were Dick Buholz and Robert Etheridge with a Gross of 75 (Net 59).

Flight 3 winners were Richard Bachman and George Abernathy with a Gross of 78 (Net 59). (Spectators said that Abernathy was seen during play using a fly rod on the course at some of the lakes).

Closest-to-the-Pin awards were Kim Fliethman, Palms 7, Don Brunner, Sonoran 8 and Rich Castro, Lakes 6.

On May 7 101 golfers participated in the Beat the Pro (Eddy Renio) challenge on the Palms/Sonoran; 89 players were able to beat the Pro. What did the Pro shoot? Well, suffice to say Eddy did not have a good day and the final score is classified information and can only be found on the website. The players were able to use 89 percent of their handicap and Eddy’s handicap is 0. Everyone enjoyed the day and the camaraderie. The top five players were Bob Dillon (68), Roger Nordin (69), Ron Gielen (69), Joe D’Amore (70) and Bernie Duggan (70). Those are Net scores.

Closest-to-the-Pin were Roger Nordin, Sonoran No. 3, Jack McKinney, Palms No. 7 and Gar Solomonson on Sonoran No. 3 (afternoon.

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The Lakes course is closed until late October for renovation.

Please check the website for all events, results and course rules.