Lucky Shot Pool Club members attend year end meeting

Gary Vacin

The Lucky Shot Pool Club wrapped up another successful season with its annual spring awards meeting April 28 at the Cottonwood Country Club.

Club President Mike Giarlo welcomed the members and thanked them for their support during his two years as club president. He also announced the following certificate of achievement winners: Paul Glaser, 4,000 games; Jack Hill, 2,000 games; and Randy Eshpeter, 1,000 games.

Club Treasurer Roy Partridge reported that the club was in sound shape financially and that plaques containing tournament winners’ names had been added in the Cottonwood Pool Room.

Tournament Director Gary Vacin announced the following tournament results: 2014-15 club champions: Rod “Babe” Thompson in 9-Ball and Tom “Pooch” Ferris in 8-Ball. Also announced were spring tournament winners: Jerry Cisneros, 9-Ball, pocket 1; Fred Falconetti, 9-Ball pocket 2; and 8-Ball winners Tom Ferris, pocket 1; Brian Claflin, pocket 2; J.R. Scheidereiter, pocket 3; a three-way tie among Jam Hamlin, Bob Beck and Jerry Conner in pocket 4; and Gordon Roen, pocket 5.

A rule change dealing with players who do not complete a tournament was discussed and passed unanimously.

The following officers for 2015-16 were elected unanimously: President Gary Vacin, Treasurer Roy Partridge; Tournament Director Steve Colby; and Member-at-Large Larry Stadler.

Newly-elected President Gary Vacin thanked outgoing president Mike Giarlo for his dedicated service to the club during his two years as president.

Now in its 20th year, the Lucky Shot Pool Club is open to all Sun Lakes residents and is seeking new members. Competition is now under way in the first summer tournament ending July 10. The second summer tournament is scheduled for August 1 to September 10.

Regular season tournaments run from November 1 to December 10, January 1 to February 10 and March 1 to April 10. Persons interested in playing in any of the upcoming tournaments are urged to contact Gary Vacin at 298-7017 or Steve Colby at 839-6125.