Jacquie’s Corner: Another Best Birthday Ever … Again

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

May the coming year’s trip around the sun be the best ever.

Each year as we grow older, and sometimes wiser and happier, we receive “Happy Birthday,” “Best Wishes,” “Have a Wonderful Day” from our family and friends. My mailbox is filled with beautiful cards with meaningful sentiments from those who remembered me on my “Special Day.” Today, in this day and age, we have Facebook, a program on our computers where you can send a thoughtful note and expression to each other on certain occasions. This year I was fortunate to have received so many “Happy Birthdays” from my Facebook friends and from others whom I don’t know. Delightful phrases, thoughts, and best wishes. Thank you all again, and may you all enjoy each and every day from the rising and setting of our sun.

I ask my husband John every single year we have been together, “How do you do it? How do you find and give me the most beautiful cards?” The sayings in each and every card are words you say to me most every day. The thoughts written are beautiful, and I am truly fortunate for having you in my life. You always make certain I have a great birthday.

From early in the morning ‘til evening hours, my family and friends continued calling. My brother from Florida called the wee hours at the break of daylight. “Hope I didn’t wake you, Sis,” he murmured. Florida is three hours ahead of Arizona this time of year. It was a pleasure hearing from him, and we talked for a while. My older brother Russell, a priest, is home from Palermo, Sicily, and presently residing in Rhode Island. His birthday greeting was also delightful, as we talked for some time. I feel so happy and blessed with my siblings who care about their little sister.

My birthday month—yes, that is how I see it. Ha, ha. I don’t have one day to celebrate—I have a birthday month from day one to the last day when the sun goes behind the clouds. Then one year to make my particular birthday special, John treated me with a gift to visit my brother at his church in Palermo, Sicily. However, on our trip to Palermo, we had a 10-day stop to visit the Isle of Capri. Another beautiful memory. Upon our arrival in Palermo, my brother surprised both John and me by renewing our wedding vows at his church. What a beautiful time. Some ask me why do I make my birthday so special. My mom did, when she gave birth to me, and I continue thanking her for the love she bestowed upon me over the years. She is in heaven now and looking down while I blow out my candles. Thank you again, my husband, for your love, your strength, and devotion you give me each and every day. To my beautiful family and friends for making this … “Another Best Birthday Ever”… again. I send my gracious Happy Birthday to those who are reading my story and are celebrating this month also.