Jacquie’s Corner

Stop the World and Review the Situation

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

“Review Your Situation” Someone recently said to me they felt their life had been accomplished. Roads traveled, books read, movies watched, foods sampled, children grown and nothing more to do.

There is so much more to accomplish at any age. Some folks become nervous and saddened by changes. Wrinkles in their faces, senior freckles and arms that sag. Personally, you have earned these changes which are attributed to the laughter, the happiness, the experiences, the sadness, you shared throughout your lives. Look in your mirror. It shows smiles, happiness, and beautiful memories.

“Review Your Situation.” You live in a community with the most interesting ladies and gentlemen. You laugh and cry with them, and help wherever and whenever you can. Hear each other, not only hear but listen, pay attention to their needs and “Review Their Situation.” You will find peace within your hearts and love for all. There are activities for everyone if and when you want to participate. Write and share your lifetime experiences with others. Leave your children and grandchildren a story about you and your life. Begin now, if you hadn’t given it a thought.

Stop the World and Review My Situation

“Review My Situation” I had difficulty growing up with only one parent, my mom who worked very hard to buy a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk to feed the family and could not finish school. However, she made certain my brothers and I moved on in our directions. My mom was always proud of her children because of our outcome. We worked hard to get where we wanted in life and to fulfill our dreams.

“Review My Situation” I am a senior; I have gray hair, wrinkles and sometimes forget things. In my lifetime I meet the nicest, interesting people, men and women who are so talented, fun, and worldly. Performed many skills in my lifetime, held important jobs with experience I learned along the way.

Stop the World and Review the Situation

Books I read, travels I have taken, foods I eat, and movies I watch. I keep good company with others who share their stories and adventures. Learned many hobbies from my mom. Especially her cooking and baking. Not as good as she was. I love to dance and sing. I love to write, especially some of my life experiences. I keep good company with others who share their stories and adventures. Laugh so hard and cry so loud our tummies hurt.

I “Review My Situation” I married late in my life to a man named John. I adore, love, and spend as much time as we can together. We are very happy and had the opportunity to renew our wedding vows at my brother’s church in Palermo, Sicily.

Today, I am a Proud Veteran of the United States Navy and Reserve. Received U.S. Naval Meritorious Medal. I don’t want to “Stop the World and Get Off” yet. I will leave it to a Greater Being than you or I.