January CMGA results

Mark Higgs Gross Champion and Jim Werlinger Net Champion

Mark Higgs Gross Champion and Jim Werlinger Net Champion

Steve Martz

January Tournaments

1/07. Afternoon Ace of Aces qualifier

Flight 1 Gross: 1st Bruce Beelman, 2nd Ed Frees, Jack Goyer, Jim Curran and Kim Barnes

Net: 1st Jim Curran, 2nd Bruce Beelman, Jack Goyer and Jerry C Conner

Flight 2 Gross: 1st Richard Haug, 2nd Rafael Take, 3rd Gary Hunnel

Net: 1st Richard Haug and Rafael Take, 3rd Gary Hunnel

Flight 3 Gross: 1st Larry Mullins, 2nd Gary Serlectic, 3rd Paul Homan, Steve Lowe and Sam Didomenico

Net: 1st Larry Mullins and Gary Serlectic, 3rd Steve Lowe

Flight 4 Gross: 1st Ron Gunnoe, 2nd Jerry Johnston, 3rd Jim Fergal and Les Blaylock

Net: 1st Ron Gunnoe, 2nd Jerry Johnston, 3rd Les Blaylock

Flight 5 Gross: 1st Robert Womack, 2nd Joe Ficek, 3rd John Robbins

Net: 1st Robert Womack, 2nd Joe Ficek, 3rd John Robbins

1/14. Afternoon Quota tournament

Flight 1: 1st Jay Mays, 2nd John Stromstad, 3rd Jerry C Conner and Mark Higgs

Flight2: 1st Barry Adams, 2nd Paul Homan, 3rd James Werlinger, Richard Schager and Tim Healy

Flight 3: 1st Glenn Martinsen, 2nd Dale Tyler, 3rd Gary Serlectic

Flight 4: 1st Jerry Johnston, 2nd Ken Pearson, 3rd Alan Gann

Flight 5: 1st Tim Fettis, 2nd John Robbins, 3rd Gerald Michailis, Ralph Annen and Stan Gross

1/21. Morning Member/Member

Flight 1 1st Jerry Davis and Rusty Williams, 2nd Jay Mays and Jim Werlinger, 3rd Brad Boltjes and Martin Oerter

Flight 2 1st Jim Fergal and Walt Nowici, 2nd Bob Walk and Gary Hunnel, 3rd Barry Adams and Dennis Bockelman

Flight 3 1st Ken Pearson and Dale Collings, 2nd Jim Czaja and Dave Tjosvold, 3rd Ed Sonderman and John Ladd

Flight 4 1st Danny Jetton and Roger Hargus, 2nd Terry Cronin and Gerald Brock, 3rd Bob Schrote and Mac Michaelis

1/28. Morning 2-Man Team Select a Drive

Flight 1:1st team Dave Butler and Jim Fergal, 2nd Jerry Conner and Bob Walk, 3rd Steve Bennett and Bob Hagen

Flight 2: 1st Tim Fettis and Jack Voight, 2nd Cliff Vinje and Dick Johnson, 3rd Joe Ficek and Jim Rahilly

1/29 Morning Ace of Aces Final round

Ace of Aces Champion Gross: Mark Higgs

Ace of Aces Champion Net: Jim Werlinger

Flight 1 gross: 1st Mark Higgs, 2nd Paul Brauer and Ed Frees

Net: 1st Jim Curran, 2nd Jerry Davis, 3rd Bill Moore

Flight 2 gross: 1st Larry Frink, 2nd Gerry Rooney, 3rd Jerry Cisneros

Net: 1st Dennis Bockelman and Larry Mullins, 3rd Phil Carlson

Flight 3 gross: 1st Bill Mazejko, 2nd Gene Kivi, 3rd Les Elliott

Net: 1st John Ladd, 2nd Steve Martz, 3rd George Papaioannou

Flight 4 Gross: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Julian Pickens, 3rd Ralph Annen

Net: 1st Gerald Brock, 2nd Ray Rohr, 3rd Terry Cronin and John Baker

Upcoming March Tournaments:

March 4 Morning. Ace of Aces qualifier

March 10 Friday Pari Mutual betting (Dinner in San Tan room)

March 11 Saturday Morning Member/Guest Round 1

March 12 Sunday Morning Member/Guest Final round (Lunch in San Tan room)

March 18 Morning Quota tournament

March 24 Afternoon CMGA Ryder Cup round 1

March 25 Morning CMGA Ryder Cup Final

March 25 Afternoon Individual Low gross/Low net