Join the Wednesday Widows/Singles Ladies Group

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013 a very social minded, and recently widowed, Jean Luchtel had a great sense of loss and missed the pleasant evening meals she used to enjoy with friends at the Palo Verde Clubhouse. Not being one to sit back and do nothing, she called four or five ladies who were in the same situation and asked them to join her at the P.V. Lounge at 4:45. They had such a lovely evening with much give and take conversation that it seemed only sensible to repeat it again the next Wednesday. Thus, was a great idea born!

The group has since moved into the dining room where full course meals are served at reasonable prices at what is called Jean’s table or two and we hope, soon to be three. No reservations are necessary as the very capable staff will lead you to the right and Jean will welcome you with a big smile and open arms. She will introduce you to the other ladies and find you a seat. Then, all you have to do is sit back, order a great meal, visit with others in the same circumstance as you and even have a laugh or two.

Since some of us have had to give up active sports that we used to enjoy it is great to once again have the camaraderie that only other positive ladies can impart. Why sit home, eat at the sink and wish things could be different when there is an alternative and it can be pleasantly different.

Once again, this group meets at Palo Verde dining room at 4:45 every Wednesday, including summertime.