JWV Post 619 Helps Veterans Despite Social Distancing

George Stahl

In line with social distancing and other common-sense guidelines concerning the struggle with COVID-19, the Sun Lakes Jewish War Veterans Post 619 has suspended their monthly meetings at the Sun Lakes Country Club’s Mirror Room until fall. Despite not being able to gather as a group to help the area’s veterans, Post 619 has not been lying dormant.

Proof of this came from Joan Sisco, Founder and CEO of Veterans First Ltd. in Phoenix. Sisco, a Marine veteran, reached out to the JWV Post with a thank you highlighting their efforts in helping local veterans. In the following letter, Sisco expresses gratitude for the work Veterans First accomplishes with the help from JWV Post 619.

Dear Members of Jewish War Veterans Post 619:

We are really busy packing up and delivering care boxes specific to the needs of the Veteran. Most of the Veterans we are helping are between 60 and 98 … male and female. Some are not in good health; diabetes is a big issue. Most live alone with no relatives. It is sad and unacceptable that they live this way. I deliver care packages personally because I want to physically see them and have a conversation so I can assess how they are living and what they need. I recently visited a 76-year-old male vet who lives in an apartment. I got there around 3:30, and he said he had not eaten all day. He could not get me out of the doorway fast enough so he could eat some food. It was heartbreaking. The great thing is we are Blessed to be able to find and help these Veterans so we can continue to assist them with food, hygiene and special items they need, i.e., diapers, pads, denture adhesive, etc. We pack every care package specific to their needs and what they can and like to eat. One man said he liked goulash and he got it! They are so appreciative to get these care packages. We are also assisting veterans, who have been laid off due to COVID- 19, with rent and utilities. We do have a few who need additional services, and I will be talking with the VA about how to accomplish this.

We appreciate so much your support in caring for our Veterans in this time of Crisis. It keeps them from going out to get food and other things they need which some, after meeting them, I know cannot go out themselves. We have also been Blessed with women making masks for the care packages.

Please let everyone know that their donation is helping many Veterans, both male and female. We appreciate you all very much.

With sincere gratitude,


Joan E. Sisco

USMC Veteran


Veterans First Ltd.