Knights of Columbus

Grand Knight Jim Bach

Grand Knight Jim Bach

Brother Knight Jim Bach is the Grand Knight of our Council 9678 at St. Steven’s Catholic Church.

The Knights of Columbus are a Catholic Fraternal Society who invest their time, efforts, and resources into their values: charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. To further enlighten our readers into the workings of the Knights of Columbus, we asked Jim:

Q: Jim, how were you introduced to the Knights of Columbus, and what made you decide to become a Knight yourself?

A: How was I introduced to the Knights of Columbus? By a friend from church. What made me decide to join the Knights of Columbus? To meet more people from my church.

Q: Jim, can you share an experience you had as a Knight, highlighting what the Knights stand for?

A: Pitching in to help. For a number of times, I volunteered for the Sunday Breakfast and experienced my brother Knights turn up to shop for food, prepare the food and hall, serve the food, and clean up with very little, if any, direction.