Other Card Results

Sun Lakes Wednesday Fun Bridge Group

We are humming, “Will I See You in September?” Have you, like me, been wondering if we’ll see each other before then? Sun Lakes Wednesday Fun Bridge Group probably won’t meet to play before Sept. 16, but if that changes, you can be assured you’ll be hearing from us with great enthusiasm! When the time comes that rooms in Sun Lakes Phase 1 are open and available for us to play, you definitely will get an email and/or phone call with the plans. For those out of town who check the Splash online, please make note of Sept. 16 as our next possible game. Anyone with questions or who wants to sign up for that date, please feel free to call 480-639-4417.

Sunday Night Euchre

Join us for euchre cards every Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

3/08. 1st Nancy O’Donnell 72, 2nd (tie) Sam Selby and David Keller 71, 4th (tie) Paul Hoffman and Arlene Burkhardt 70, 6th (tie) Konrad Spicker and Donna Smidt 66

3/15. 1st (tie) Annette Kitto and Dan Kitto 80, 3rd Steve Kauffman 75, 4th (tie) Cathy Pennekamp and Elwyn Manore 74, 6th Konrad Spicker 73

Cottonwood Pinochle

Join us for pinochle every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Cottonwood Clubhouse, A-7 Painting Room.

6/17. Women: 1st Marlene Hinkle 819, 2nd Sharon Zubchevich 673; Men: 1st Jerome Schultz 806, 2nd Konrad Spicker 780, 3rd Dave Nutile 719

6/24. Women: 1st Betty Echgelmeier 706, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 579; Men: 1st Dave Smits 674, 2nd Jim McDonald 643, 3rd Konrad Spicker 620

7/01. Women: 1st Sharon Zubchevich 604, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 580; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 674, 2nd Roger Bergerson 611, 3rd (tie) Dave Smits and Jack Bigus 546

7/08. Women: 1st Betty Echgelmeier 717, 2nd Jackie Baker 694, 3rd Gleva Wiepking 640; Men: 1st Dave Smits 803, 2nd Jerome Schultz 775, 3rd Ozzie Zubchevich 765

See you next week!

SLCC Pinochle

Join us for pinochle cards every Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club (SLCC).

6/05. Women: 1st Sharon Zubchevich 596, 2nd Ellie Ewish 548; Men: 1st Jack Bigus 777, 2nd Roger Bergerson 723, 3rd Jerome Schultz 562

6/12. Women: 1st Betty Echgelmeier 650, 2nd Jackie Baker 643, 3rd Sharon Zubchevich 601; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 794, 2nd Ozzie Zubchevich 613, 3rd Dave Nutile 600

6/19. Women: 1st Jackie Baker 758, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 704, 3rd Betty Echgelmeier 607; Men: 1st Roger Bergerson 814, 2nd Jack Bigus 686, 3rd Konrad Spicker 592

6/26. Women: 1st Betty Echgelmeier 736, 2nd Jackie Baker 517, 3rd Marlene Hinkle 513; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 689, 2nd Hal 572, 3rd Jerome Schultz 546