Korean War Veterans

From the Desk of the Chapter Commander

Once again, as we leave the summer heat and monsoon season behind, our surroundings come to life as our visitors and homeowners start to return to the magic of Sun Lakes and the surrounding Sun Lakes areas. Hopefully, the summer went well for all, whether you were away with family or just exploring other parts of our country. As a club, we continue to look for new adventures as we move on following a year of challenges, and there are a few changes that should be noted, which are important for our club membership to be aware of, as well as those who may have an interest in obtaining more details on our current activities.

Starting with our initial meeting following a summer break, scheduled for Oct. 25, our new meeting location will be the Black Bear Diner located in the northeast shopping center between Queen Creek and Alma School Roads. Our meetings start at 10 a.m. and are scheduled from October through April of each year on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Black Bear Diner. All service members are always welcome, and the meetings continue, as usual, starting at 10 a.m.

When available, a portion of our agenda is the participation of a guest speaker. At our October meeting, we are honored and looking forward to having Rick Kreiberg, an expert on veteran affairs, joining us. These special moments are always informative and helpful in providing us all with the most current benefits provided by the VA and other organizations that may be available in times of need.

Being a service organization, we are well aware that we all are vulnerable to the unexpected, and accidents do happen. One of the club’s primary goals is to be able to provide support in the best manner possible when needed to those in need. Our doors are always open, and help is only a phone call away. Our club maintains a significant amount of supplies that are often required for rehab after a fall or other unexpected accident. Over the past several years, we have provided a number of motorized scooters to those with severe handicaps.

Feel free to call Chapter Commander Rich Volpe regarding additional details, inventories, and other questions you may have regarding club membership, activities, or medical equipment availability. He can be reached at 480-802-2532, and he would be happy to talk to you.