Korean War Veterans

Chapter Commander Leon “Skip” Johnson

Thankfully, pertaining to the virus epidemic we’re facing, there has been a welcome amount of progress being made. As of Jan. 11, the virus vaccine was made available to those who met the Class B requirements, and for those who were able to get an appointment, things went relatively smoothly once a reservation was established. Many thanks go out to all those who have put in countless hours to make this all possible. Don’t overestimate the value of this, as we still have a long way to go before we reach that relaxed moment we’re all waiting for. Please respect all the guidelines put in place for your safety and for those around you.

Like most clubs in the area, our activities have been limited for a little over a year now. We anticipate that we are making progress; however, it’s hard to visualize any major turns in events until the latter part of the spring months. This is being monitored closely, and any significant changes in our operational mode will be passed on to the club membership via our normal method of communications.

Our primary interest these days is to be looking out for the veterans who are in need of some assistance during these tough times. We have a pretty well-stocked assortment of medical items available, and they’re only a phone call away. Most emergencies are unexpected, and if a need arises, feel free to place a call, and assistance will be made available as quickly as possible. For other details, feel free to call Leon at 970-482-3005. He’ll be happy to talk to you regarding anything related to the Korean War Veterans’ agenda and their meeting schedules in normal times.

Have a great day and stay safe.