Hits & Misses Bowling League

Ruth Andersen

As reported in the January Splash, Team 6, So Close (Joanne Ragan-Foster, Pat Smith, David Dahl, and Steve Hull), came in first place. Team 8, EFPC (Frank Smith, Fran Bowman, Bob Brogan, and Tammy Visser), came in second place. Congratulations to all!

High Scratch Series:

1/04. Men: Hank Mathias 539, Rick Bell 629; Women: Bobi Lebowich 459, Tammy Visser 413

1/11. Men: Rick Bell 601, Hal Newton 558; Women: Tammy Visser 599, Sharon Zuhchevich 531

1/18. Men: Bob Welch 607, Rick Bell 575; Women: Ruth Andersen 501, Sharon Zuhchevich 501, Bobi Lebowich 425

1/25. Men: Hal Newton 612, Tim Billman 483; Women: Sharon Zuhchevich 547, Sheryl Anderson 454

High Scratch Game:

1/04. Men: Bob Welch 191, Tim Billman 181; Women: Sheryl Anderson 161, Ruth Andersen 146

1/11. Men: Tim Billman 224, Eldon Drenthe 189; Women: Ruth Andersen 212, Bobi Lebowich 166

1/18. Men: Tim Billman 210, Steve Hull 173; Women: Tammy Visser 178, Sheryl Anderson 173

1/25. Men: Rick Bell 221, Hank Mathias 188; Women: Pat Smith 181, Bobi Lebowich 150

Keep on bowling great! Gotta keep moving all the time. If you are new in the area (or even if you’ve been here a while) and thinking of joining us in the fall, or any time, please call our new secretary/treasurer Rick Bell at 661-713-8855. Thank you.