Lady Joker’s Wild Hand and Foot card group

Susan Gottschalk

The Lady Joker’s Wild Hand and Foot card group, which meets on Thursday afternoons at Poolside in Oakwood, gathered recently for their sixth annual fall potluck at Sisk Park in Palo Verde. Enjoying the perfect weather and good food are (left to right) first row: Kathi Bobek, Ruth Munzer, Jackie Jones and Pat Goldberg; second row: Jeanne Russo, Catherine Clemento, Patty LaVoir, Patty Assante, Jean Cohen and Toni Kopaz; third row: Rita Stadler, Karen Ryan, Sandy Bealmear, Laura Sahlin, Lois Hauge, Arlene Singer and Anna Cody; fourth row: Carolyn Rogers, Mel Mallon, Mary Armour, Ellen Hellman, Kay Wilke, Sharon Barnes and Bev Plimpton. v