Lady Woodcarvers news

Dianne Winenger

The ladies who are woodcarvers often do similar projects together. Here we are discussing what the next subject might be — bison, eagle, wooden shoe or perhaps a trip to visit galleries for new ideas.

You are always welcome to stop by and chat while viewing the creations as they gradually unfold from a carefully-selected, but ordinary block of wood to a beautiful artwork. If you wish to try your hand, there are always helpful artisans to share instructions or directions. One idea you may enjoy is to do a soap carving. Yes, soap — it’s relatively easy and little chance for injury, as the tools needed are wooden. We can provide everything for your experimentation. It’s a great way to determine if this is a craft you wish to embark upon. Our woodcarvers look forward to the socializing as well each Thursday morning from 9:00-11:00 a.m. at Cottonwood’s Ceramics Room. For more information, call Wally Jasien at 480-895-8281 or Margaret Ryan at 480-802-6535.