Last Event of the CTC Season Fun and Interesting

Trilogy and IronOaks (IO) visited the Cottonwood tennis courts on March 23. The Cottonwood Tennis Club (CTC) won a total of 15 matches, IronOaks won 14 matches, and Trilogy won 11.


Women first: Betsy Hanusa and Corey Hart (Trilogy) defeated Barb Jorgensen and Maryann Sinerius (CTC), Sandy Carey and Anh Snell (Trilogy) defeated Martine Blue and Sylvia Page (CTC), Julia Romanin and Pam Schormann (CTC) defeated Judy Bergendahl and Julie Harris (Trilogy), Kristina Traylor and Rose Bowers (IO) defeated Linda Carr and Cindy Cloke (CTC), Carmella Davin and Lois Newman (IO) defeated Susan Aparicio and Adriana Michael (CTC), and Jo Lucas and Kristina Traylor (IO) defeated Julie Evans and Pat McRoberts (CTC).

On the Men’s side, Steve Harfesty and Dean Sinerius (CTC) defeated Rick Elola and Don Wester (Trilogy), Mike Burdett and Steve Norvet (CTC) Defeated Bob Mummelthie and Kark Pilar (Trilogy), and Harvey Brooks and Bill Jennack (CTC) defeated Tom Crookston and Joe Kullman (IO).

In Mixed Doubles, Anh Snell and Rick Elola (Trilogy) defeated Bill Jennack and Martine Blue (CTC), Barb Jorgensen and Steve Norvet (CTC) defeated Corey Hart and Don Wester (Trilogy), Steve Hardesty and Julia Romanin (CTC) defeated Sandy Traylor and Kristina Traylor (IO), Mike Davin and Carmella Davin (IO) defeated Dean Sinerius and Maryann Sinerius (CTC), Jo Lucas and Evan Hansen (IO) defeated Maruice Allen and Adriana Michael (CTC), Julie Evans and Lorne Cloke (CTC) defeated Joe Kullman and Rose Bowers (IO), and Arif Khan and Kathleen Khan (IO) defeated Jay Ketter and Susan Aparicio (CTC).

As the day wore on, we went back to Men’s Doubles. George Ahlgrim and Steve Loney (Trilogy) defeated Gino Stivale and Kevin Sullivan (CTC), Maurice Allen and Mike Burdett (CTC) defeated Bernie Emery and Norb Guimond (IO), Harvey Brooks and Lorne Cloke (CTC) defeated Larry Goad and Steve Loney (Trilogy), CJ Berry and Arif Khan (IO) defeated Maurice Allen and Dave Sobeck (CTC), Mike Davin and Joe Kullman (IO) defeated Jack Sanders and Ernest Soczka (CTC), Canon Hill and Jay Ketter (CTC) defeated Evan Hansen and Sandy Traylor (IO), and Bob Mummelthie and Karl Pilar (Trilogy) defeated Garnet Jones and Clive Timms (CTC).

And, finally, back to the Women: Sandy Casale and Suzie Dunn (CTC) defeated Viv Guimond and Kathleen Khan (IO), Melissa Emery and DD Kullman (IO) defeated Barbara Ludwig and Judy Rogers (CTC), Tammi Knight and Gwen Lucas (CTC) defeated Olena Buxton and Kaipo Simonelli (IO), Tina Carr and Kim Vargas (CTC) defeated Corey Hart and Lonnie Pilar (Trilogy), Judy Klingler and Susan Soffa (Trilogy) defeated Bonnie DeGrenier and Susan Hood (CTC), and Barb Hall (IO) and Linda Saliani (Trilogy) defeated Felisa Kulba and Carol Trentadue (CTC).

In the late afternoon, back to Mixed Doubles: Clive Timms and Gwen Lucas (CTC) defeated Judy Klingler and Steve Loney (Trilogy), Mike Burdett and Susan Hood (CTC) defeated Susan Soffa and Karl Pilar (Trilogy), and Norb Guimond and Viv Guimond (IO) defeated Bonnie Degrenier and Kevin Sullivan (CTC).

This was a great way to close out the competitive season and start making plans for next year. On behalf of the Cottonwood team, we want to express gratitude to Julie Harris and the Trilogy Team, as well as the IronOaks team. It’s been a great year. See all of you next year for another session.