Let’s Keep on ‘Truckin’

Harry Huckemeyer

As we approach the second month of the new year, things appear to be “status quo.” No major changes to report regarding any major progress being made pertaining to the virus now affecting so many, and the current forecasts warn us all to proceed with caution as we lead our lives in the best, sensible manner possible. On the positive side of all this, the vaccine has been made available to several, as designated to be on the Class A list, and in talking to a few who have received it, except for a little soreness the following day, they had no other negative side effects. That’s an encouraging thing, and hopefully, in the-not-too-distant future, this vaccine will be available to all of us.

Keeping in mind that our club, being in the Model Railroad World, enjoys larger than normal crowds that we usually get to experience at many of our events. At present, this is just not about to happen in the short term, but there is a positive reaction being felt by some of the major contributors regarding hopes that, as time moves on, these things will start to reappear once again. We keep in close contact with those who host these events, and they’re somewhat confident that perhaps by late spring or during the summer months, things may start to pick up again. As an example of this, the Chandler Railroad Museum is now open on weekends at present, and the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park is also open, but with some limitations. If interested, I suggest you call first before making a trip that might not have available your reason for attending.

From all the members of the Short Line Model Railroad Club, we wish you all the best as we approach a new beginning of a new era. The coronavirus will continue, at present, to be the major topic on our daily bulletin boards, but with hope and the fine efforts of all those individuals who are working so hard to keep us all safe, better days will soon be within our sights. Like most other clubs in the area, we’ve been in a “holding pattern” for most of the 2020 year and are anxious to meet the challenges of this new era as things start to fall into place to allow this all to become a reality. Our thanks go out to all who have supported all of our efforts in the past, both within our area and when we take our exhibits on the road. Looking forward to a brighter and, hopefully, more exciting new year.

If you’re looking for any information regarding our club, feel free to call 480-802-4976, or contact us by email at [email protected]. Best regards to all. Stay safe and stay healthy.