Line Dancing with Judee


Judee Curtis

What’s more exciting? Registering new people for Ultra Basics Class, hearing from the dancers who are returning to classes on September 3, Labor Day or finding new dances to teach to everyone? Check, check, check = all the above.

If you are NEW to line dancing with Judee and interested in registering for the Ultra Basics Class held on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. starting September 3, Labor Day, in the SunBird Ballroom for $2, you need to call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. before the end of August. If this date is missed, you may register until the end of September. Registrations after will be for January 2019.

Depending on the number of dancers in each level, the classes usually are an hour long. However, we have been known to go beyond 12:30 p.m. if we are in the middle of a new dance. The other two levels will definitely get their full time and should allow for a few minutes past 1:30 p.m. if we are in the middle of a new dance. Plus, we need to allow for passing time between levels. We have the floorspace until 3:00 p.m.

You will be joining some of the nicest people, exercising your body while learning, dancing, having fun and exercising your mind because in order to “learn” you have to “think.” Escape with us from this crazy world. God bless line dancing!