Line Dancing with Judee


If you are new and haven’t registered for classes restarting on Monday, September 9, in the SunBird Ballroom, now is the time! Summer’s almost over! However, we all know that statement is probably two months too soon! The blessing is we dance on the biggest dance floor in the area with A/C keeping us cool. Dancers coming back from a two-month “vacation” are thinking, “Did I forget everything?” Surprisingly, after we “get going” it all comes back, and we realize why we missed line dancing, i.e., the exercise of mind and body, the people and the dances.

New dancers can register now for the Ultra Basics Class, 11:30 a.m. for an hour for $2. You will be taught and dancing easy dances at the very first class. There will also be a free makeup class on Wednesday, September 11. This will include a small Steps and Patterns Class plus reviewing what was taught on September 9. These Free S&Ps Classes are taught monthly on future Wednesdays. You will receive a written schedule at your first class. To register, you must call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. Leave a name and phone number on our message machine, and I will call you back. With this new machine, I block unknown names and numbers, so remember to start the message with “Line Dancing.” If you can’t register for this class before October 15, you can register for the classes restarting January 6, 2020.

Join a group of new dancers, meet those who have been dancing with me for years, learn line dances and have fun while learning! We always start out knowing we have new dancers on the floor. You are taught what you are doing with your feet. Dances are taught and “built with each 8.” We count, and there are “walk throughs” on all dances. Plus, we all dance to great music that is recognized! What more could you want for $2? The more difficult dance classes are after the Ultra Basics hour. Escape with us from this “crazy world”! God bless line dancing!