Line Dancing with Judee

Line dancing class

Line dancing class

Judee Curtis

Sundays could be called “work” as I get dances and music ready for Mondays. On Mondays, it’s actually “rewarding” as the results of my “work” and the dancers’ “work” is evident. We have a wonderful time dancing the dances taught, plus the new ones. They love the music I play, and we all clap for ourselves because we are happy with what’s happening—dancing and lots of “FUN”!

Due to the number of students I currently have, I’m not taking new dancers right now. I want my current students to be able to “grow” with new steps, patterns and new dances and not “back up” with new students. The exception could be if you are a full-time resident/current line dancer in the area and at a higher level versus a “new, never-line-danced-before person” or “I only do Elvira and Electric Slide.”

Our returning snow birds will be leaving soon, but they have the option to have “their spot saved” for when they come back. Some have had this arrangement for the past three years or so. We’re ALWAYS excited and happy to re-welcome them back to our “on-going” line dancing group and sad to see them “fly away.” The loyal full-time residents keep on dancing through May, possibly June. We don’t dance in July and August and restart September 4; yes, Labor Day.

If you are a new dancer and would like to register for the Ultra Basics Class at noon on Mondays in the SunBird Ballroom for $2 per class, call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. You will be registering for the classes starting Monday, September 4, 2017; yes, Labor Day! You can register now and I’ll save you a spot for that day. If you need to wait, please register before the end of August to be able to start on the 4th of September. All dancers who start dancing with me will be registered in the Ultra Basics Class. Even those with current experience need to adjust to my method of teaching. Yes, I do “teach” line dancing. Yes, you can still have fun while exercising your body but especially your mind. God bless line dancing!