Men’s Niners January results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The Niners golf league has reached a membership level not seen in many years; we now have 87 members. Let’s welcome our newest member Steve Frazier.

Winners: 01/05/2017 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Palms. 1st Marvin Carmickle, Bob Hiller, Renny Vowell, 2nd Larry Johnson, Larry Burke, Rich Funk, 3rd Mike Osborn, Dennis Clark, Jim Theobald, 4th (tie) Bill Pender, Paul Bopko, Dave Mork, Jim Hecker, and Bruce McCorkle, Bill Slattery, Bill Bartoo, Gordon Graham. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Bruce McCorkle, No.7 Dennis Clark.

01/12 Best Balls One Gross, One Net Sonoran. 1st Bruce McCorkle, Bill Slattery, Dick Negaard, Gerry Regan, 2nd Lee Boudreaux, Ron Rudzinski Mike Flannery, Bill Bartoo, 3rd Jerry Richards, Frank Pender, Marvin Carmickle. Closest-to-the Pin Honors: No. 3 Joe Lombardo, No. 8 Paul Bopko.

01/19 Low Gross Lakes, Club Championship. A Flt. 1st Bill Pender, 2nd (tie) Lee Boudreaux, Brian Kretschman, Bruce McCorkle, Frank Pender, Jerry Vickery, Larry Johnson, B Flt. 1st (tie) Dick Negaard, Bill Whitely, 2nd Bob Hiller. C Flt. 1st Jim Theobald, 2nd (tie) Jim Broich, Bob Deken, Mike Flannery, Renny Vowell. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Dick Negaard, No. 6 Jim Broich.

01/25 Low Gross Palms, Club Championship. A Flt. 1st Brian Kretshman, 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer, 3rd Frank Pender, 4th Bruce McCorkle, 5th Jerry Vickery. B Flt. 1st Jim Wegman, 2nd (tie) Marvin Carmickle and Dennis Clark, 4th (tie) Nick Angele and Mike Osborn. C Flt. 1st Mike Flannery, 2nd Mike Stewart, 3rd (tie) Peter Gerdik and Joe Sigillo, 4th (tie) Bill Bartoo and Bob Melhuish. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.4 Robert Melhuish, No.7 Jerry Vickery.

Results of the 2017 Club Championship by flights: A Brian Kretschman, B was determined in a “sudden death” playoff on February 9, between Bill Whitely and Jim Wegman. Jim won on the second hole. Flt. C winner was Mike Flannery. Congratulations to the winners.

And congratulations are in order for Niner Bruce McCorkle, our favorite photographer, who won the Ironwood Men’s Golf Association Cup tournament on January 31 in a playoff. Bruce scored a 180 in the three-round tournament. As they say on tour, “This guy is good.” Well done, Bruce.

Note: The 2017 Awards Luncheon will be held after golf on Thursday, March 30, at the Oakwood clubhouse. Mark your calendars and sign up on the website.

Rules. One of the most difficult rules for most golfers to apply properly has to do with a ball that is deemed “unplayable.” A very helpful article providing basic information and the options for this rule appeared in an AWGA newsletter and will be available to our members in the coming weeks. And a tip of the hat to the Arizona Women’s Golf Association for this well-done article.