Lone Soldier Project

Joyce Spartonos/Michael Cohen

The Lone Soldier Project has recently been launched by Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation. This social action project will be managed by the congregation’s Friends of Israel Committee.

By way of explanation, Lone Soldiers refers to those young men and women who come from all over the world and travel to Israel to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF.) They serve alongside Israelis in the defense of their country. Can you imagine what bravery this must take; to leave behind the comfort of home, family, friends and all that’s familiar to you, and travel thousands of miles, in order to help ensure that Israel continues to exist!

In this regard, Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation has decided to recognize the contributions of these committed young souls by sending them packages from home filled with items that they always need, such as toiletries, warm woolen hats, etc. Our Israeli Partners, Chayal el Chayal (Soldier to Soldier), will see to the delivery of our packages to them.

A donation of $25.00 will allow The Lone Soldier Project to send a gift of a Personal Care Package (travel size toiletries, socks and snacks) and a knitted hat, for cold weather assignments to active duty Lone Soldiers. Additional donations are being accepted to support the project and to identify previous Lone Soldiers in the State of Arizona and recognize them for their service. We will also raise awareness of the vital role served by these dedicated youths. Please get involved with us in The Lone Soldier Project. We promise, it will make your heart sing!

We invite all of you who want to know more or are interested in being a part of The Lone Soldier Project to contact Michael Cohen, [email protected] or 480-895-4660.