We’re giving away money!

Elaine Kraemer, President, Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation

The Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation was established to enhance the quality of life for the older population in the East Valley, including Sun Lakes residents, in the areas of health, education and culture.

With that goal in mind, the CWPV Foundation is always searching for worthy causes to which it can grant funds. The CWPV Foundation has chosen to emphasize the area of Health this year. We’d love to hear your ideas for improving seniors’ health, education or cultural experiences for Sun Lakes residents. Please share your ideas with us by email at [email protected]

If you’re ready to submit a request for funds, you can print a Grant Application from our easy-to-navigate website, http://cottonwoodpaloverdefoundation.org/GrantApplication.pdf.

The following is a list of grants which the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation has made since December, 2015.

Organization: Sun Lakes HOA #2 Inc.

Project: Cottonwood Palo Verde John Dobson Administration Building

Amount: $100,000

Purpose: Automated handicap entrance doors, additional handicap parking and handicap washrooms in the lobby of the administration building for homeowner use

Approved: December 3, 2015

Organization: Neighbors Who Care

Project: Implementation of new operations database

Amount: $6,200 matching grant

Purpose: Replace an outmoded database, implemented in 1999, for which product support is no longer available

Approved: May 5, 2016

Organization: Cottonwood Tennis Club

Project: Don Neu Memorial Plaque

Amount: $1,748.46

Purpose: To honor the service and the many contributions by Don Neu to the Sun Lakes tennis communities

Approved: September 8, 2016

Organization: Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partners

Project: Create wellness sessions for families with memory loss individuals

Amount: $1,500

Purpose: Weekly sessions for patients and caregivers facilitated by dementia experts and licensed counselors. The grant will supply scholarships to families.

Approved: October 6, 2016

Organization: Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partners

Project: Making Music

Making Memories for Parkinson and Alzheimer patients

Amount: $1,400

Purpose: Create weekly music therapy sessions. Grant to help cover books, scholarships and therapists

Approved: October 6, 2016

Organization: Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partners

Project: Parkinson’s patient therapy

Amount: $1,200

Purpose: Therapy program for Parkinson’s patients

Given in the name of the Don Neu Memorial Fund

Approved: December 1, 2016

Organization: Bradshaw Tournament

Project: Participant Benefits

Amount: $1,804

Purpose: Encourage active participation in sporting and fitness activities

Approved: October 6, 2016