Look for SLFD CAP Flash Drive Team at open houses

Brian Curry

A committee from the Community Assistance Program of the Sun Lakes Fire Department has been working hard to be ready to unveil their new flash drive program with dedicated booths at all the open houses in the various Sun Lakes communities.

“We realize that this an unique opportunity to have a huge amount of both our full and part time neighbors see this very exciting program before we hit the ground running” said SLFD Battalion Chief Cheryl Van Horn who has been overseeing the implementation and the paramedics use of the flash drives.

These flash drives (sometimes known as thumb drives or USB’s) will be able in seconds to transfer your medical information over to the SLFD’s “electronic patient care reports” which are the smart tablets already in use by Sun Lakes EMS crews to get information and communicate with doctors and hospitals.

Betty Earp, a registered nurse who is also a CAP member had developed this program with NAIL (New Adventures in Learning) as a result of hearing and seeing repeated stories about medical histories that were unattainable, outdated or confusing. When Chief Van Horn heard about it she saw it as easily adapting to how the medical crews get their information.

“This volunteer committee of CAP members has basically taken this program from its infancy until now where we will be selling the flash drives for $5 (cost) at the open houses at the Sun Lakes Country Club on October 4, Cottonwood/Palo Verde on October 11, Oakwood/Ironwood on October 25 and at SLFD’s station two firehouse on Alma School Road starting October 6,” said Van Horn.

Though the use of the SLFD flash drive is easy, there will be a variety of ways for residents to learn how they work and how to put your medical information on it so that paramedics will be easily able to access it.

“Right on the program itself is a section called, ‘Read Me’ which basically walks the user though everything. In addition they will be able to send an e-mail to [email protected] and ask questions. NAIL will have classes again this semester to show people how to utilize the program step-by-step. In the rare instances when Sun Lakes residents are having problems we will always have somebody helping them,” Van Horn emphasized.

In addition to the flash drive, SLFD will also be selling a handy wristlet for $10 (again at cost) that can be worn in similar fashion to a medic alert bracelet. These will alert the EMS crews that you have a flash drive with your pertinent medical info nearby.

Please feel free to stop at the flash drive booths at any of the Open Houses to learn more about the program or to purchase flash drives or wristlets.