Now’s a good time to join Oakwood Lady Niners

Oakwood Lady Niners enjoy brunch after golf!

Oakwood Lady Niners enjoy brunch after golf!

Ann Rounthwaite

The Oakwood course is closed this month for overseeding, but league play resumes in a shotgun format on the first Tuesday morning in November and will continue until next summer. Joining the Oakwood Lady Niners Golf Association is a great way to play golf with a friendly, inclusive group of women. Once you join the league, you sign up to play a week at a time, so there’s no problem if you can’t play every week. There’s a different golf game each week with Pro Shop credits as prizes, awarded in each of three flights so you compete with golfers of similar ability. This ensures that even duffers have a chance to win. The atmosphere during play is friendly and supportive – not at all tensely competitive. Serious golfers concentrate on their own games, while those who don’t wish to compete simply ignore that aspect of the game.

The added value to OLNGA membership is the opportunity it provides to meet new friends and socialize. Everyone who plays is invited to stay for lunch at Oakwood’s Poolside Grill, although there’s no pressure to do so. The lunches are so enjoyable that some members come for lunch even if they weren’t able to play that day. Several times a year there are more formal luncheons organized by an active social committee. In addition, there will be at least one tournament or member/guest golf day during the season.

The league welcomes members of all ages and skill levels. It’s a great start for beginning and novice golfers interested in improving their game while learning golf etiquette and rules in a fun-filled environment, but it’s also good for seasoned golfers who want to play nine holes. Older players whose drive may have shortened and those with injuries affecting their game are encouraged to keep playing in the GEMS category – teeing off at the 150 yard marker. But OLNGA also welcomes younger golfers whose schedules limit them to the two to two and a half hours required for nine holes with the Lady Niners.

The lull before league play begins in November is a great time for new members to join. Please call Bev Isley at 480-802-6902 or Bonnie Tasch at 480 802-2836 for more information.

The Palms Course reopening ceremony and annual Golf Expo to be held October 29 at noon and 2:00 p.m. respectively will give golfers a chance to inspect and buy new carts, clubs, shoes and other golf products in a festive atmosphere. It’s a good time for Lady Niners to spend the chits they’ve won. Get more information at the Pro Shop or on the IronOaks web site.

OLNGA members were saddened by the death of Joy Coffinger on August 10 and send our condolences to Pat, her husband of 59 years, and their family. We will miss the smiles Joy always had for everyone, her laughter, her kindness and the cheerful encouragement she so generously gave to other golfers.