Lucky Shot Pool Club news

Gary Vacin

The Lucky Shot Pool Club fall 2014 tournament ended on December 10 with the winners as listed below. Congratulations to all the winners and also to all who participated. The winter tournament began on January 1 and will end on February 10.

If anyone is interested in becoming a member of the club, please contact President Mike Giarlo at 272-1500 or Tournament Director Gary Vacin at 298-7017. The club offers three regular-season tournaments running from November 1-December 10; January 1-February 10; and March 1-April 10. Also two summer tournaments running from June 1-July 10; and August 1-September 10.

9-Ball Pocket No. 1: 1st Rod Thompson*, 2nd Jack Hill, 3rd Bill Moore

9-Ball Pocket No. 2: 1st Fred Falconetti, 2nd Ed Allen, 3rd Mike Giarlo

8-Ball Pocket No. 1: 1st Larry Stadler, 2nd Jerry Vickery, 3rd Tom Ferris

8 Ball Pocket No. 2: 1st Loren Boulanger, 2nd Jeff Michelin, 3rd Roy Partridge

8-Ball Pocket No. 3: 1st Fred Smith, 2nd Michael O’Rourke, 3rd Rick Nelson

8-Ball Pocket No. 4: 1st Al Moore, 2nd Jerry Conner, 3rd Gordon Roen

8-Ball Pocket No. 5: 1st J. R. Scheidereiter, 2nd Bob Beck, 3rd Jim Picinich

*tie breaker v