Lucky Shot Pool Club Results

Gary Vacin

The Lucky Shot Pool Club has announced winners of its recently completed 2021-22 winter tournament. Forty-six players competed in three pockets of 9-Ball and four pockets of 8-Ball. Two players repeated their victories in the club’s fall tournament—Pocket 1: Jerry Cisneros in 9-Ball and Michael Dalsanders in 8-Ball.

Top three finishers in each division follow:

9-Ball Pocket 1: 1. Jerry Cisneros, 2. Jack Hill, 3. Jeff Michelin

9-Ball Pocket 2: 1. Jerry Vickery, 2. Rich Schager, 3. Joe Gonzales

9-Ball Pocket 3: 1. Virgil Weber, 2. Jerry Topilka, 3. Rick Boyd

8-Ball Pocket 1: 1. Michael Dalsanders, 2. Jerry Cisneros, 3. Jeff Michelin

8-Ball Pocket 2: 1. Bob Kaczmarek, 2. Joe Gonzales, 3.Loren Boulanger

8-Ball Pocket 3: 1. Todd Rodgers, 2. Jim Cain, 3. Buddy Meola

8-Ball Pocket 4: 1. Dave Sinkbeil, 2. Virgil Weber, 3. Patrick Boicourt

Play is currently underway in the club’s spring tournament, which ends April 10. The club will have its annual spring meeting starting at 10 a.m. on April 20 in the Cottonwood Card Room. For additional information, contact Steve Colby, club tournament director, at 480-600-5392.