Lucky Shot Pool Club results

Gary Vacin

The Lucky Shot Pool Club concluded its 2021-22 tournament season with Club Championships, yet to be determined as of April 12.

In 9-Ball, Jerry Cisneros won both Fall and Winter tournaments, and Jeff Michelin won the Spring tournament. Cisneros had shoulder surgery in March and won’t be able to play until this fall. Michelin will have to beat Cisneros twice to claim the championship.

In 8-Ball, Michael Dalsanders won the Fall and Winter tournaments, and Jack Hill won the Spring tournament. Hopefully, this match will be scheduled before the club’s annual meeting on April 20. Hill will have to beat Dalsanders twice to win the championship. Hill was awarded the Spring 8-Ball title based on his head-to-head win over Michelin.

Spring tournament results follow:

9-Ball, Pocket 1: 1st Jeff Michelin, 2nd Jack Hill, 3rd Jerry Vickery

9-Ball Pocket 2: 1st Dennis Chenier, 2nd Bob Kaczmarek, 3rd Rich Schager

9-Ball Pocket 3: 1st Jim Cain, 2nd Rick Boyd, 3rd Dave Sinkbeil

8-Ball Pocket 1: 1st Jack Hill, 2nd Jeff Michelin, 3rd Michael Dalsanders

8-Ball Pocket 2: 1st J.R. Scheidereiter, 2nd Michael O’Rourke, 3rd Loren Boulanger

8-Ball Pocket 3: 1st Rick Boyd, 2nd Buddy Meola, 3rd Jim Cain

8-Ball Pocket 4: 1st Virgil Weber, 2nd Scott Mozdren, 3rd Patrick Boicourt

The club will resume competition in November. Additional information is available from Steve Colby, tournament director, at 480-600-5392.