Lucky Shot Pool Club results

Gary Vacin

Jerry Cisneros and Michael Dalsanders finished first in 9-Ball and 8-Ball tournaments, respectively, as the Lucky Shot Pool Club completed its spring tournament. The event included two 9-Ball and four 8-Ball pockets, with players competing in round-robin play.

With their wins, Cisneros and Dalsaners qualified for the club’s year-end championship played late in April. The club had its annual year-end awards meeting April 18.

Spring tournament results follow:

9-Ball, Pocket 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Jack Hill (via tie-breaker), 3rd Kevin Beausejours (via tie breaker)

9-Ball, Pocket 2 – 1st Rick Boyd, 2nd J.R. Scheidereiter, 3rd Rich Shager

8-Ball, Pocket 1 – 1st Michael Dalsanders, 2nd Jerry Cisneros, 3rd Jack Hill

8-Ball, Pocket 2 – 1st Ron Kreeger, 2nd Rick Boyd, 3rd Rich Shager

8-Ball, Pocket 3 – 1st Kevin Beausejours, 2nd Curtiss Stearns, 3rd Loren Boulanger

8-Ball, Pocket 4 – 1st Steve Colby, 2nd Bill Mazejko, 3rd Jerry Becker

The club will host summer tournaments beginning June 1 and August 1. Players wishing to complete can contact Steve Colby, tournament director, at 839-6125.